Clever tricks all procrastinators should know


Procrastination is consider the most common of why students do not sleep, eat healthy, or exercise. Those three things are very important to a person’s health. The goal is to have a structured procrastination plan, so here are some tips for anyone who needs help turning assignments on time or have something done by a specific time.

10 tips for all procrastinators

1. Set timers earlier than your actually deadline time. This will actually help you have more breathing room and know    that you still have some time left before its due.

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2. Have a calendar that is up to date with all your events and assignments that are due in that month and keep that calendar up on the wall somewhere you will always see.

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3. Maintain a strict workflow which involves only using your cell phone to keep up with time and restricting your social media urges till you are finished with all your work.

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4. KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS! Then make your study plan which will help you make a game plan which could be fun.

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5. A big tip is crossing things off you have already accomplished in your day or weekly plans.

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6. Turn everything into a countdown to make your projects like a game in which you have a certain amount of time to finish. Can you do it?

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7. Phone apps are a good way to keep you focused and up to date on your to do lists.

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8. Always be over prepared it’s never bad to have more of the same thing.

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9. If a project or assignment seems too overwhelming break it down in steps so you won’t procrastinate on it because it looks to difficult.

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10. Make it public if you have a group project it’s a lot easier not to procrastinate when you’re held accountable for more than just your work.

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