Academy Now And Then (As Told By Your Favorite Faculty Members)


Credit: Alyssa Muir

Academy has been home to thousands of girls including some of the teachers you see everyday.

Current Academy students would be surprised to know just how many teachers and staff used to wear the mass uniform themselves. However, Academy is not the same as it was when they went to school here. Just this year, our school has introduced many exciting changes like the Macbooks and a brand new iLab. The alumna and staff have begun to draw comparisons and contrasts in the school they attended years ago and between the school they see now.

Staff members who attended high school include Erin Krukar, Devan Adams, Anne Mikos, Dana Nazaretian, Jenny VanPelt, Danica Rodriguez, Pam Doherty, Sister Mary Plumb, and Sister Lillian Schneider. Mikos, part of Academy’s graduating class of 2010, said, “I love how most girls get an eighty-five minute study hall every other day. Having that luxury would have made high school much more painless for me.” Doherty, the school’s admissions director, offered a different view saying, “ I miss my high school days a lot, and I hope all current Academy girls will continue to appreciate the sisterhood.” She also added, “I wish that I had the same relationships with people in other grades that the students today have with each other.” Nazaretian, a member of the social studies department, states,” The class workload is fairly comparable, but the grading scale was very different (an A was a 94-100) and we had to take exams for theology.””I love how many new after-school sports and electives there are now. When I went to school here, there was not nearly as many opportunities,” Doherty disclosed. Both Mikos and Krukar, Academy’s new vice principal, both agree that the multiple advances in technology are the biggest modifications since they were in school. Krukar also states, the biggest thing I want to see in the future is for students to be more responsible on social media.”

Academy's class of 1987 includes our very own Doherty and Nazaretian
Alyssa Muir
Academy’s class of 1987 includes our very own Doherty and Nazaretian

While there have definitely been numerous revisions to Academy over the years, the sisterhood that comes with it is still its biggest legacy.