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credit: Claire Obeck

Man’s best friend

Ellie Abdoney, Junior Staff Writer

When considering cat people vs. dog people in the simplest form, differences automatically come to mind. Cats by nature are quiet, sedentary, lounge, purr, and wrap themselves around your leg. Dogs are the complete opposite. They are loud, rambunctious, active, slurp, slobber, and pant. People tend to be attracted to the animals that have personalities similar to themselves. 


"Tucker is in his element when he can explore the outdoors." -Emily Abdoney
“Tucker is in his element when he can explore the outdoors.” Credit: Emily Abdoney

If you are a dog person, you are probably an individual who prioritizes exercise, nature, and best buddies. Take Claire Obeck, for example. She is a sophomore who runs track, plays soccer, and loves to be outside. She is an ideal dog person. “My dogs always put me in a good mood and can make me laugh.” Dogs are the perfect pet for someone who is looking for a loyal companion and best friend.

"My dog's favorite thing to do at the beach is chase crabs." -Claire Obeck
“My dog’s favorite thing to do at the beach is chase crabs.” -Claire Obeck

On the other hand, there is Haley Schumann, an owner of seven cats (Callie, Mokie, Molly, Pearl, Angel, Tucker, and Sugar.) She prefers the indoors and low key climates. Haley added, “I love my cats because they just want to sit on my lap, I don’t have to take them on walks, and it is easy to care for them.”  Cats are the best choice for Haley because they reflect her low maintenance vibe.


"All of my cats are so unique and have different personalities." -Haley Schumann
credit: Haley Schumann
“All of my cats are so unique and have different personalities.” -Haley Schumann

In addition, there is Olivia Valdes, who is definitely a cat enthusiast.”I am a cat person because they are lazy and I like to snuggle with them”, says Olivia. Her beloved cat, named Chow, is quite popular with over 12,000 followers on his Instagram account (chow_official) with several funny pictures of him. For Olivia, cats always provide comic relief and create lasting memories.

"Chow can always make me laugh" -Olivia Valdes
credit: Olivia Valdes
“Chow can always make me laugh” -Olivia Valdes

Being a “cat person” or a “dog person” can reveal a lot about someone’s personality. It is obvious that canines and felines are different in several ways. Cats are independent and seek affection, where dogs, on the other hand, seek companionship and lead to a more relationship experience. One thing that cat people and dog people have in common, however, is unconditional love for their four legged friends.