Getting Confident: Tips from AHN Girls

Pia Roca, Senior Staff Writer

It is completely normal to feel under the weather after a long day at school. With the pressure of studies and college looming over AHN girls, sometimes a little “me” time gets pushed aside. It is important to always be confident in all that is done, here are a few simple words of wisdom from girls who’ve got stress levels and confidence all under control:

Feel your look

If ever feeling down, Senior, Rebecca Castellano suggests, “Even though I go to an all girls school, I feel I don’t need to put makeup on, but I like putting it on because I feel better and am more confident in approaching others.” Sometimes, little things like trying out a new winged eyeliner or adding a scarf to your outfit for some flare makes all the difference. Dressing up can make any day feel like a you day.

Junior, Victoria Balder, accents her look with brown riding boots. Credit: Victoria Baldor
Junior, Victoria Balder, accents her look with brown riding boots. Credit: Victoria Baldor


Wallpaper motivation

After a stressful day at school, many have different outlets of stress relief. Going to the gym is very common, but as you probably know, it is Wallpaper motivation hard to find the willpower to go! As a reminder, Academy girls often place motivational backgrounds on their phones to constantly be reminded. Sophomore, Gretchen Swenson, attests “It’s nice to have a source of inspiration on my phone, especially when the school days get really rough, as they usually do.”

A screenshot of one of her motivational pictures, from Gretchen’s phone. Credit: Gretchen Swenson
“I’m always so tempted to eat junk food but it would ruin all my hard work so I make it my screensaver so I can look at it when I’m tempted.” Credit: Gretchen Swenson

Feel-good Songs

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up every now and then! There are many songs out there and it is important to find one that is appealing to you, as everyone reacts differently to each song. “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfield recently came out and is very popular on the radio and among Academy girls.

Get your nails done

There is something very appealing at looking down to freshly manicured fingers when typing on your Mac. Perhaps even mixing up your typical color palette and experimenting with a racier color. If ever in doubt, pampering with a spa-day or mani/pedi can spice up any day and leave you feeling more confident than ever.

Grayson Garraty, Natalie Cevallos, Lindsay Boos, Veronica Sanchez and Taylor Shaw display their freshly manicured nails from Homecoming.
“My nails are Garnet. I chose a bold color because it make’s me feel like I’m ready to take on Fall! ” Lindsay Boos exclaims while displaying her freshly manicured nails, complimented by her Academy ring.

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