Let’s Get Spooky! Top Halloween Attractions Near You

With the major growth of the halloween industry in the past decade it’s never hard to find a spooky attraction near you in the month of October. Every year, thousands of people pay to get scared at haunted houses, tours, and mazes. You name it there is probably something for you! With October coming to an end, make sure you hit up the top halloween attractions before they close.

Here is a list of the top three attractions near you:

To top off the list, I decided to begin with the closest attraction:: Howl o Scream. Located at Busch Gardens for the price of $60, you can enjoy haunted houses, scare zones, and tons of rides! This year there are seven houses, with the main theme being Unearthed. Senior, Grace Alexander stated, “I love Howl-o-Scream because the houses seem so realistic and it’s very scary. But not too scary! Its definitely fun to go on a Friday or Saturday night with all of your friends.”


If you are down for a little bit of a drive, you definitely want to head over to Universal Studios in Orlando for a spooktastic adventure at Halloween Horror Nights. Similar to Howl-o-Scream, Horror Nights is filled with scare zones, haunted houses, and fun rides. Many fans of adrenaline and horror say that they like what Universal has to offer and that it is a bit scarier than Howl-o-Scream, with the costumes and makeup being more realistic and the houses scarier.


Lastly, if you are in for the ultimate scariest adventure make sure you check out Scream- a-Geddon. It features six houses and an interactive attraction known as Pandemic. This is a major attraction at this site, drawing in many fans of horror, in which you can be “marked” and given this special experience that most places do not offer. 

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But don’t worry, if you don’t enjoy scary things you are not alone. Senior Bryanna Tanase stated, “I have never been to a scary attraction. I do not enjoy being scared.” Julianna Wright has the same fears as Tanase and even shared a short anecdote of when she was little and went with her family to Zooboo. “I went with my cousins and they left me in the haunted house alone. I was so scared and have not like scary things since then!” So, if scary things are not your thing there are plenty of other seasonal festivities that are still available to enjoy. Pumpkin patches are a popular one! Grab a group of friends and go pick some pumpkins to carve. Or if you aren’t the outdoorsy type of person, go on a coffee date and grab a starbucks seasonal drink. Whatever you enjoy doing, there is always some seasonal festivity at your disposal this time of year.

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Hope you are enjoying your October festivities as they come to a close and make sure to comment down below what your favorite things to do during the Halloween season are!