Academy Girls who use VSCO and why it’s their favorite

Artsy Academy girls like to express themselves constantly through an innovative and new social media platform called VSCO, with a variety of different uses to meet each person’s needs.

VSCO is a social media platform unlike any other, where someone can post photos, receive no likes, and have absolutely no followers. Why do people want that? VSCO draws a crowd of people whose main intent is to post pictures that inspire and embody themselves, and seeking no reward or prize for it. As opposed to Instagram and twitter, where sharing photos is often measured in likes, VSCO is measured in the quality and excellence of the photo. A number of different reasons draw Academy girls to VSCO.


Higher quality photos

The world of VSCO is one full of pictures with stories behind them, as well as a higher quality for each photograph. Lindsay Calka admits taking photos on VSCO, “allows anyone to feel like a real photographer.” Less thought is put into pictures that will soon be uploaded to the “grid,” revealing a more expressive and genuine individual. These photos are then held to a higher standard because of their individuality and character.

"Pictures that people post on VSCO are edgy and different from those that people post on Instagram"
Credit: Sam Garateix
“Pictures that people post on VSCO are edgy and different from those that people post on Instagram”

Removes competition

Nowadays society is caught up in an individual’s likes on instagram, how many favorites on Twitter, and repins on Pinterest. Sam Garateix believes VSCO different from the rest is the fact that it is based solely on the quality on someone’s photo, “there isn’t any competition to see who got the most likes on their picture at any particular event, and the same goes for knowing how many followers any certain person has.” VSCO removes the constant competition that is so evident in our dog-eat-dog society. Without the likes and comments viewers are able to appreciate each photo for what it is and not for the popularity of the photo. Christina Thompson is a fan of no likes and followers because, “you do not know who is judging your pics, you are only posting for yourself and the followers can see the true visual side to a social media user.” After using VSCO more often students realize that receiving likes is of little importance and Lindsay Calka agrees that now she “doesn’t even look at the number.”

"You can kind of just put what you want out there without feeling self conscious"
Credit: Lindsay Calka
“You can kind of just put what you want out there without feeling self-conscious.”

Awesome editing capabilities 

Junior Audrey Dunn’s favorite part of VSCO among many is “definitely the editing capabilities VSCO gives you.” Within VSCO holds amazing editing options that turn any ametur photo into a professional in only a few short clicks. Capabilities range from changing the exposure so the picture is better lit, or filters that change the mood and color scheme of a photo, making it more visually pleasing. The most used filter is C1, but it’s always possible to find one to work with a picture. Some other students such as Sam Garateix, “show a more bare take on life, so less editing and trying to capture perfection.” Depending on the student there’s a perfect editing option to make a star quality photo.


Whether it’s used to find the perfect edit for your sunset photo, or to express yourself on a platform like no other, there’s a perfect use for everybody on VSCO. The rise of VSCO has allowed students to look past the number of likes and focus in on the nature of the photo, finding what truly excites them. Some of our very own Academy students, seniors to freshman, have superior VSCOs that express themselves in every way possible.

VSCO is a favorite no matter what grade
Credit: Jessalyn Fingar
VSCO is a favorite no matter what grade



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