Hamilton: The Musical

Junior Ann-Marie Heath is going to see Hamilton over the summer, she shares, I am most excited for the raps, I love how this show took a more modern route by making their songs completely in rap.

Anna Padron

Junior Ann-Marie Heath is going to see Hamilton over the summer, she shares, “I am most excited for the raps, I love how this show took a more modern route by making their songs completely in rap.”

The clever soundtrack of Broadway’s latest smash hit musical, Hamilton, has filled the halls of Academy. Academy girls and teachers alike cannot get enough of the catchy songs. However, Hamilton’s smart soundtrack is not the only reason that Hamilton is a major hit on broadway and at Academy.

Hamiton was based off of Ron Chernow’s book, Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda, deemed a musical mastermind by many, is the genius behind the smart and witty musical, Hamilton. Manuel related to Alexander Hamilton in the respect that he too started from the bottom and had to work hard for all of his success. Hamilton was an immigrant who was illegitimately born. Lin-Manuel Miranda grew up listening to a variety of Broadway albums. This exposure to Broadway in conjunction with Hamilton’s struggle, which was similar to his own struggle, is what inspired him to create Hamilton.

Lin-Manuel Miranda had no doubt in his mind that Hamilton’s inspiring story of hard work and determination was a story that needed to be told by hip hop. While most broadway musicals have songs with vebratto and glass-shattering high notes, Hamilton’s music has all of this in rap form. Junior Anne Marie Yatsula, avid Hamilton fan, shares, “I love the main theme. The beat is just so catchy, I also love the kings song, “You’ll be back.” “Right Hand Man” is also a jam, it cracks me up everytime.” The King’s song “You’ll be Back” is very different from the rest of the Hamilton soundtrack. “You’ll be Back” is a traditional broadway ballad, which is very different from the soundtrack’s other songs, which are undoubtedly grounded in hip-hop.The fact that the king’s song is old fashioned reiterates his ideas about government the colonies are rebelling against.  A classic part of the play is the debate between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. This cabinet meeting takes the form of a rap battle. In this epic rap battle, Jefferson and Hamilton were both debating over whether the states or central government should have more power.

Another aspect of Hamilton that has generated some buzz is the diverse cast. In the mid 1700s when Alexander Hamilton was alive, everyone who had a say in politics was white and in Miranda’s musical this is not the case. In an interview, Miranda explains, “This is the story of American then, told by America now.” Hamilton’s diverse cast is an accurate representation of the melting pot that America is today. Junior Ally Wehle expresses, “I’ve always loved Broadway music and I think that Lin Manuel Miranda combines it with hip hop so cleverly. I especially love that he made the cast interracial to show America’s diversity.”

Hamilton is especially a hit among American history students. Alexander Hamilton was the brilliant mind behind the United States’ first national bank. Junior and American History student, Lindsay Calka explains, “Not only is Hamilton relevant to what we are learning in AP American History, but it is an awesome twist on typical Broadway shows! It seems as though the entire play will keep you amused.” Another American History student, Jhuztin Honrado shares, “I love Hamilton because I love hip-hop music and Hamilton combines my love of history with my favorite music genre.” Hamilton is a great way to review some of the most pivotal early years of American history. Miranda’s play puts history into a musical and everyone, Academy girls and celebrities alike, is loving it.