Thoughts You Have While in a Group Chat

Thoughts You Have While in a Group Chat

Alex Perez, Senior Staff Writer

Ever put your phone somewhere and then an hour later come back to it and you suddenly have 200+ messages? That is the life of an avid group chat texter. At some point, everyone will go through this. Here are some thoughts that go through people’s minds when involved in a group chat.

1. when nobody responds to you/ignores you in the group chat


2. Trying to make plans in the group chat is always nearly impossible

3. When you can’t make the group plans but everyone continues to talk about them

4. Having the perfect name


5. When someone tries to leave the group chat



6. Trying to catch up on messages that you missed while you were away from phone


7. Being added into a group chat that has already been going on

8. Texting the wrong group chat


9. group chats destroy your battery


10. only convo during the weekdays is about homework

OG Squad texting about an English assignment and study hall.
OG Squad texting about an English assignment and study hall.


    But, no matter what thoughts you have going on while in your group chat, these people who constantly annoy and text you are your ride or die. You would do anything for them no matter what. Senior, Alexis Markines stated, “Yes. Sometimes my group chat, titled OG Squad, can be annoying at times. Especially when I have over 100 unread texts and I am trying to catch up with what is going on. But, these girls are my bestfriends and I would not have it any other way!”