What to do, Where to go, What to wear on a first date?

For their first date, Anya Muyres and her now-boyfriend went to Unearthed at Hallowscream; talk about intense!

Credit: Anya Muyres

For their first date, Anya Muyres and her now-boyfriend went to Unearthed at Hallowscream; talk about intense!

Have you ever been on a first date with a boy you really like?  I have a little story on my first date experience. I met a boy senior year, but we have known each other for some time. We saw each other at games, but he finally came up to me one day, and  then we started talking.  He gave me this number in which our conversation continued over a few days. He ended up being a super sweet guy. We got to know and like each other a lot, so we went out on a first date to a little restaurant called Pei Wei. I was super nervous and I didn’t know what to expect out of him. I had a thousand questions going through my head:  What should I wear? Is he going to be easy to talk to? Who’s gonna pay? What should I order?

When we arrived, he got out of his car and opened my door for me, which was a great start to the date. He ended up paying for me then we sat down and we had such a great conversation, there was never a dull moment. Now we have been dating for six months and going strong. You truly will never know if you and a boy will work out so you don’t stress and give that boy a chance by going on that first date.

Here are great tips on what to do, where to go, and what to wear on a first date with a boy.

Tip One: Relax do not be nervous you have no reason to be the guy is most likely just as nervous and it will most likely work out great

Tip Two: Go to restaurant him or you are familiar with so you know what you want to order ahead of time

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Tip Three: Wear something casual cute but also comfortable not too over dressed.

Super cute casual outfit example
“Super cute casual outfit example”

Tip Four:  If you want to do something fun and exciting go go-karting, golfing, movies or ice skating should get the conversation going 

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Tip five: if you’re unsure what to say ask about his life, school, family, his interest in sports, tell him about yourself as well or any cute or funny stories you have

Tip Six: Find out common interest to see if it triggers anything you might get to like him more

Tip Seven: Things not to talk about make sure you don’t make the whole date about yourself make it 50=50 and if he only talks about himself and does not ask you any questions about your life then…he’s probably not the one for you!

Tip Eight: When it comes to the bill don’t make any argument with it if he’s a gentlemen he will most likely pay for you and if you guys agree on it ahead time you can always split the check evenly good way to start as well..Senior Alma Torres says, ” My date was such a gentleman and when the check came to our table he insisted to pay for the meal I simply said are you sure? he said yes of course my treat it was so sweet”

Tip Nine: At the end of the date a hug is always a good start and think about how did this go for you? Would you consider another and hey you never know maybe he will ask you out on another date

Tip Ten: Don’t wait three days or something crazy like that to text him back be honest about the date and him right away if you enjoyed it or no and if he doesn’t text you back then move on tons of great fish in the sea!!