10 Things People Who Drink Diet Coke Are Tired of Hearing

The addiction is real

Credit: Giphy

The addiction is real

Everyone has there “go to” drink that satisfies their craving. Diet Coke has had a reputation of being a soda that people will drink typically when they do not want all of the sugars and calories from regular coke. Like coffee, the caffeine in Diet Coke can become addicting, causing the person to drink it constantly. Here are a few things that people who are addicted to diet coke are tired of hearing:

It won’t help you lose weight.

Tell me more. giphy.com

It causes cancer.

That’s a risk I’m willing to take.  giphy.com


It’s worse than regular Coke.

Good to know. giphy.com

You’re one of “those people”.

You bet I am. giphy.com

It’s killing your insides.

Oh well. giphy.com


Are you on a diet?

Maybe… giphy.com

If you’re trying to lose weight, why don’t you drink water?

It doesn’t taste as good. giphy.com


You have an addiction.

You bet I do! giphy.com

Sodas in general are not the best drink of choice where health is concerned. But in case you do decide to drink soda, Diet Coke is a great option because of the zero calories and zero sugar in the drink.