Glo-up Challenge

Credit: Twitter; Glo-up challenge

Credit: Twitter; Glo-up challenge

Thinking back to middle school can be very comical “like wow I’ve changed so much”. Now there is a trend called the Glo-up challenge. Its when people take one picture of themselves from the past and compare them to now. All you have to do is put the pictures side by side and see the results.  Achona went around and asked Academy students to show pictures of them when they were going through their awkward stage and compare to them now and wow look at these results..


Camille Opp has transformed into a model.

Junior Camille Opp says, “I can’t believe how much I’ve changed over the years”

Credit: Camille Opp/@camilleopp (used with permission)

Camille Yodzis shared on twitter her Glo-up challenge wow look at the difference!

Senior Camille Yodzis comments,” I thank God everyday I have changed”

Credit:  Camille Yodzis/@camille_yodzis (used with permission)

samantha glow up  IMG_1070

Braces and all!

Junior Samantha Stagg says, “Ive changed a lot over the years but my height is still the same”

Credit: Samantha Stagg /@samanthastagg

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Look how much she’s changed over the years!

Senior Gabi Vivero states, “Im so glad I’ve changed I look completely different and so much more mature than I used too”

Credit:  Gabi Vivero/@elviv.pdf (used with permission)

12728876_975938212499473_4895140072626978089_n  Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.31.13 AM

What a transformation!!

Senior Christina Thompson says,” Im so happy puberty has changed me its so funny to see myself from middle school and compare them to how I look now everyone should take the time to look back and have a laugh”

Credit: Christina Thompson/@tina_tom21 (used with permission)

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.00.30 PM

Look at these two all grown up!

Sophomores Julia Lee and Alex Smith say, ” We both have been best friends for a long time and seeing each other change over the years is so funny we can both look back as we get older and laugh about it”

Credit:  Julia Lee and Alex Smith: @alxxsmith, @julia.lee (used with permission)

Everyone goes through an awkward stage as their growing up then we all turn into beautiful young women. It is fun to look back on the old memories and pictures that you thought were the cutest things ever (at the time) and compare them to how you look now. Academy girls really have seemed to “Glo-Up”, and they will probably look back on these pictures in ten years and laugh at how much they have changed since then.