Problems That Only People Who Hate Mornings Will Understand

If you don’t list sleeping late as your favorite hobby then we probably wouldn’t be friends in real life. If you 100% cannot stand mornings, then you’ll find that you relate to these problems on a spiritual level.

1. Having to set yourself at least five alarms for the morning because you already know that you’ll just ignore the first four.


2.  Hating every single happy person that you encounter for the first few hours that you’ve been out of bed.

3. Pretty much NEVER eating a proper breakfast, but instead you do usually have a massive snack/second dinner at around 2am when you’re wide awake.

4.  Trying to decide whether it’s worth sacrificing your hair to be a hairy greaseball all day, to not shower just for an extra fifteen minutes of sleep.

5.  Having to use all your inner strength to hold in the pee that you desperately need to do, just so that you don’t have to get up out of bed and break your sleepiness.

6. Lying to your friends by saying your on your way but really, your still trying to get yourself out of bed.

7. Attempting to calculate to the ABSOLUTE LATEST that you can possibly stay in bed tomorrow morning so that you can still be remotely on time for stuff.

8. Not being able to make any day or morning plans for the weekend, because you know that sleeping for most of it obviously takes priority.

Senior Gillian Anthony is definitely not a morning person. She always “wakes up at 9 to check her phone but then falls right back asleep until 12 in the afternoon.” Waking up early is not easy but with a good amount of sleep each night, it can help your willingness to get out of bed in the morning.