A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

For many, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. This meaning, in order to have a more peaceful week ahead, which seems impossible with homework, papers, studying or after school activities, some like to accomplish a specific chore or duty on their Sunday. Below are a few ways AHN girls like to reset on Sundays in preparation for the week.


Working out is a great stress reliever, is good for the heart and overall well-being.

Sophomore Sara Phillips says,“On a Sunday Night I love to do some yoga in order to meditate and relax my mind for what is to come this week,” she dishes. 

Junior Hope Rossi agrees,“I love to head to my local gym for some work out time to load off some steam.”

"The elliptical is my favorite" -Teresa Toranzo, Junior
photo credit: Sophia Bahr, Staff Member
“The elliptical is my favorite.” -Teresa Toranzo, Junior.

Wash your sheets and make your bed

No one likes to sleep in a dirty bed. It’s such a warm and fresh feeling crawling into a clean bed after a long day.

Sophomore Aleeza Garcia dishes, “I like to wash my sheets because it removes all the build up and I can start fresh for Monday.”

"My mom makes me wash my sheets every Sunday. It's a routine".-Isabella Bahr, freshman
photo credit: vsco @sophiabahr , Staff Member
“My mom makes me wash my sheets every Sunday. It’s a routine.”-Isabella Bahr, freshman.-

Treat Yo Yourself

Sunday is always cheat day, as treating yourself is crucial to mental health.

Junior Lara Lontoc believes,“I love to indulge in ice cream or chocolate on my Sunday night.”

Is it Sunday Yet?
photo credit: vsco @izzbahr (taken with permission.)
Is it Sunday Yet?

Hit the books

Take a visit to a cafe or a your local library and do as much work as possible to get ahead for the week.I know this constitutes giving up weekend time to school, but trust me it’ll save you tons of time and stress during the week.

Junior Rachel Tata adds,“Usually Sunday night, I’ll go to a cafe, and take out my planner and MacBook then make a list of what I have to do that week in order to prep for the week ahead.”


Spend time with family

Ultimately, they’re the people who love you and care for you the most. With the hectic-ness of 2 hour practices and four page papers, sometimes we forget to spend time with them in the midst of it all. Sundays are a perfect day to catch up and bond with your family. Maybe try watching that new Academy Award winning film or hitting up the new restaurant down the street.

Senior Maddie Bales says,“ I really enjoy dinners with my family on Sunday nights, Brio’s is my favorite.”

“I love to go on a walk with my dog along with my mom to catch up on what happened in the week”.
photo credit: vsco@apdrn/Achona Online
“I love to go walk the dog with my mom to catch up on what happened in the week.”