How Makeup Can Change Your Look

Many women have said that makeup is something that does not matter, but many respectfully disagree. Makeup is very important and often girls go through different phases with makeup and are constantly learning the about different products and techniques.

Bella Guerra started doing her makeup in middle school, “I thought my mom and older sister were always so good at makeup. They would give me all the things they did not want and my makeup consisted of thick black eyeliner and clumpy mascara.”


In today’s makeup world, there is so much that goes into just one look, for example contouring, highlighting, and priming. These are just a few of the many steps that girls are expected to know in this day in age. These three simple steps can take your look from one extreme to another.

Learning how to do all these different steps can be difficult and takes time. In order to learn how to do it properly, many people watch the masters of makeup on YouTube. These artists include Jaclyn Hill, Nikkie Tutorials, and Lauren Curtis. These steps can transform your face from round to very three dimensional. It is important to remember when doing these steps to not go for a dramatic, “fake” look.

Senior, Lily Oliva, has practiced many times before she could get her look just right, “It was hard at first, but growing up having an aunt do makeup helped me learn more about my face and the right and wrong things to do.”

As well as looking up videos, going to makeup stores can help excel a young artists’ skills when learning what to do. Sephora and MAC both have classes where they teach girls how to properly do their makeup. These classes can give young girls confidence about themselves and show them to take pride in their appearance and how they represent theirselves.