8 Ways to Become an Early-Riser

Photo Credit: Sophia Bahr/ Achona Staff

“Every morning my sister or my mom wakes me up at around 6:10. If it weren’t for them, I’d still be sleeping.” – Isabella Bahr, freshman.

Sophia Bahr, Junior Staff Writer

For many, mornings are not a favorite. Whether it was studying for that APUSH test or binge watching House of Cards that kept you up, more and more people are finding it harder to wake up in the morning. Various studies have shown that those who are regular early-risers promote traits such as optimism, satisfaction and conscientiousness. Here are eight tips to remember that make the mornings a bit less dreary.

Exercise/meditate the night before to ensure you fall asleep.

With meditation, it is possible to shut out rapid thoughts from the day, which re-occur the minute you try to hit the hay.Or maybe try exercise after a school day. You will exert lots of energy which makes you and your muscles more tired, allowing you to fall asleep more easily. 

Freshman, Lauren Dingle says,“Going to sleep is much easier on the days I have soccer practice. Right when my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep.”

Work hard. Sleep harder.
photo credit: instagram @ Lauren_dingle09
Work hard. Sleep harder.

Make yourself a breakfast that excites you.

Isn’t the smell of bacon on Saturday mornings one of the most enlightening things that jumps you out of bed? Well, remember this during the school week as 6:30 rolls around and prepare yourself something yummy that excites you- whether that’s eggs and bacon, or a yummy greek yogurt parfait, always remember to include some protein to ensure long lasting energy. Maybe try a new breakfast idea that you saw on Pinterest which caught your eye. 

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Junior Anne Marie Yatsula says, “Most days I look forward to getting up. I make a breakfast sandwich every morning and I am excited to not only to eat it,but to cook it.” Photo Credit: VSCO @izzbahr (used with permission)


A Cup of Joe

Arguably the best part of the morning because it wakes you up while tasting delicious. If you love coffee, remember that if you get up and at ’em, a warm cup of joe is just minutes away. 

Junior Haley Schumann says, "My morning Starbucks run motivates me to get up in the morning and the taste of my iced vanilla coffee makes me happy."
photo credit: vsco @haleschu (used with permission)
Junior Haley Schumann says, “My morning Starbucks run motivates me to get up in the morning and the taste of my peppermint mocha or iced vanilla coffee makes me happy.”

Watch the news, check Pinterest

Wake up early enough to turn the news on, or check your Pinterest feed while you sip on coffee. It makes the ambiance more enjoyable.

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Prime study time

Research has shown that the hours between four and six in the morning are the most effective periods for studying or homework because the mind is at it’s freshest. If you have a test you’re worried about and eleven o’clock rolls around, go to sleep and wake up early to study for it. According to Forbes Magazine, a Texas University study claimed that those who were regular early risers had a higher GPA.

 Junior Riley Gillis argues,“ I learn the material better in the morning. By 9 at night my brain is practically dead."
Photo Credit: Sophia Bahr/Achona Staff
Junior Riley Gillis argues,“I learn the material better in the morning. By 9 at night my brain is practically dead.”

Go to sleep earlier

This is an obvious one, but if you fall asleep earlier your body will feel inclined to wake up earlier.

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Set your alarm to a song or sound that makes you happy.

Wake up to a song you like with a peaceful beginning melody (stray away from “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osborne).

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Stray from snooze

This is a personal tip I have found. If you normally set your alarm for 6 am, wake up at exactly 6 am and don’t press snooze. Those extra ten minutes of snooze time will make it even harder to get moving, as well as make you more tired throughout the day.

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