97x Backyard BBQ Returns


Check out 97x’s website to find the next free ticket drops. Credit: Gabrielle Vivero/ Achona Online

Gabrielle Vivero , Senior Staff Writer

97x Backyard BBQ is back and better than ever.  This annual free all day concert that is hosted every spring will be held at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg on May 28, 2016.  As a result of the variety of musicians playing at Backyard BBQ, there is an appeal to several music tastes ranging from pop punk to alternative.  This is also a great way for people to discover new bands.

A group of senior girls enjoying the calm before the storm at last years Backyard BBQ. Credit: Gabrielle Vivero/ Achona Online

Sophomore Morgan Salzsieder shared, “Last year was my first BBQ and the weather didn’t hold up, so I’m excited to go back this year and hopefully the weather and bands will be better than last time.”

The day is long and like any other summer day in Florida it will be hot. From years past, many have learned what the necessities are.

  1. Backpack
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Refillable water bottle
  4. Portable charger
  5. More sunscreen
  6. Sharpie
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Disposable camera
  9. Blanket to sit on
  10. Fun attitude

97x announced their lineup just yesterday morning….and the line up is

Senior Eva Prendergast shared, “Real tears were shed when I read the lineup. These are some of my favorite bands and it’s going to be a great start to the summer.”

Junior Audrey Anello shared, “I’ve never been to Backyard BBQ before, but this year because of Young the Giant and JR JR, you will definitely catch me there.”

There are a couple of different ways to get tickets to this amazing show. 97x will do pop up ticket drops around Tampa, Brandon, and St. Petersburg where the first 100 people will receive a pair of tickets for free. However, if you can’t make it to one of the ticket drops, the tickets can be purchased online for only $20. Also, to get up close and personal with the bands and get free food, the ticket prices raise to $60 and can purchased through  Metro PCS VIP Experience. This is the show of the summer and is one that can’t be missed.

"You are getting the first pair of 97x BBQ tickets." -Kevin from 97x. Credit: Gabrielle Vivero/Achona Online
“You are getting the first pair of 97x BBQ tickets.” -Kevin from 97x. Credit: Gabrielle Vivero/Achona Online

Comment below who you are most excited to see.