If Your Inner Gym Thoughts Were Motivational Posters

Credit: Avery Stanechewski (with permission)
I love going to the gym but I hate when its crowded.

Credit: Avery Stanechewski (with permission) “I love going to the gym but I hate when its crowded.”

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Photo Credit: thinkstock.com SO MANY HOT GUYS AT THE GYM. Have you ever caught yourself checking out an extremely attractive guy? Sometimes you just can’t help it.



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Photo Credit: thinkstock.com 2. Nothing like being self conscience at the gym. Every move you makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong, even when maybe you’re not.



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Photo Credit: thinkstock.com Maybe you’re not as good at ab workouts. You’re trying to do some simple crunches but for some reason you look totally out of place. Yikes.


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Photo Credit: thinkstock.com”I’ve used this machine before!” but your uncertainty gets the best of you. You don’t want to completely make a fool of yourself so you might as well observe the gym fanatics before you give it a try.


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Photo Credit: thinkstock.comHow else are you going to get your butt out of bed and hit the gym? Motivation is key and everyone likes a few extra likes on instagram, don’t lie to yourself.



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Photo Credit: thinkstock.com You are feeling the judgment throughout the gym. You think everyone is staring at you but in reality, everyone is just doing their own thing.


Hopefully this reminds you that we all have the same gym insecurities, but that shouldn’t stop you from a healthy lifestyle. Everyone around you is also worried about their own bodies, so just remember that not everyone is staring at you like you think they are- just do you’re own thing and you will build up confidence along the way!