What Prom Style Are You? (Quiz)

Senior Avery Dierks claims,

credit: Isabella Alfonso/Achona Online

Senior Avery Dierks claims, “I always choose my dress so last minute for dances. I’m deciding between three dresses right now, so yeah (laughs) I’d like to find my prom style.”

Isabella Alfonso, Senior Staff Writer

For Juniors and Seniors, Academy prom on April 23, is coming up faster than we expected! This leads to a lot of girls stressing about what dress, hair, nails, shoes, and accessories will complete their “look”. It is very important at Academy to find our identity as classy women. Therefore, all Academy girls should be inspired to establish a personal “look” that is unique to them–and what better time to do it than at Academy dances! Don’t worry Sophomores and Freshman…Prom will be here sooner than you think! This quiz is designed to give all ladies a hunch as to what their Prom style is.  The best part? If you don’t like the style you were matched with, you can take the quiz again to find the look you truly want! Get started!