The class of 2016’s plans for the Summer

While only 4 more days remain of Senior year, the class of 2016 are really looking forward to their Summer plans. Many plan to travel to other countries and some are going to be at summer session at their new school. All in all the class of 2016 looks like they’re gonna have a summer for the books.

Julia Lester when asked about what her plans for this summer responded, ” soccer, soccer, soccer, work outs, soccer, then college soccer”. Jessica Villa seconded that statement. Lester is committed to The University of Florida and Villa is committed to The University of South Florida. Both have bright soccer futures ahead of them!!


Rebecca Castellano and Skyler Sinardi explained, ” I can’t wait to be in Tallahassee and meet so many new friends and have fun adventures every night”. They are not alone, many Academy girls will be heading to summer session at both Florida State University and The University of Florida.


Mary DesRosiers and Jaime Juardo are returning as camp counselors for the third year at MDA Summer Camp. When talking to DesRosiers and Juarado about camp they both exclaimed,”It is my favorite part of my summer I look forward to seeing all the people I haven’t seen since last camp.”

Anya Muyers is traveling to Sweden to play for the Swedish National Team in the Baltic Open and once the tournament is over she plans to backpack through the country. After her adventures in Sweden, she plans to prepare for her upcoming softball season at Missouri Valley College.


This Summer is a huge one for the class of 2016. But I know no matter where we go we will always be sisters at heart and looking forward to hearing about each others adventures. That is a wrap for the class of 2016, bye Academy!!!

The Class of 2016 is officially done with school and headed on the road to their new adventures
Jackie Joyce(used with permission)
The Class of 2016 is officially done with school and headed on the road to their new adventures