Academy Girls Share Uber Stories


Credit: Camille Opp/Achona Online Uber is used frequently in big cities

Uber can be identified as the most popular mode of transportation for people who are traveling around a new city, or even in their home town. Although getting an Uber seems more safe and reasonable than a taxi, people have had an experiences with a driver that they will forget. Many Uber users have experienced crazy things on the drive to their destinations such as becoming friends with their drivers or listening to their life stories; Academy girls are just a few who have taken an Uber ride that left quite the impression.

Academy alumni,  Avery Stancheski, uses Uber as her main form of transportation. Stancheski has shared many crazy experiences with her Uber drivers, but one in particular stands out to her. The driver picked up Stancheski from her South Tampa home and everything seemed normal as she was driving to the destination.While in the car, the Academy alum noticed an uneaten bag of McDonald’s sitting in the passenger seat, which led Stancheski to tell the driver, she would not mind if she ate while driving. The driver went on to tell her the food was left from the man before her and how he got it for the driver. Since the driver didn’t want the meal, she told Stancheski she could have it.

Stancheski says “I was so happy I almost cried because it was so late at night and I was starving. It was the best ten piece nugget meal I’ve ever had.”

Credit: Avery Stancheski (used with permission) Stancheski took a quick snap of her friends in the back seat of the Uber as they were listening to their Uber’s life story.

Senior, Audrey Anello, had a near death experience while her and her family were in an Uber in New Orleans. After landing in the airport, Anello called an Uber to take her and her family to their hotel. As they were driving, the driver was going down a long road parallel to the runway. Anello recalls the drive going 95 miles per hour where the speed limit was 40 miles per hour. As they were flying down the road, the driver swerved and side- swiped a car knocking off the car’s mirror. The family then decided to tell the driver to let them out of the car, which was the best decision they could have made.

Anello remarks “It was one of the scariest moments of my life and a great start to my vacation. I never want to ride in an Uber in New Orleans again.”

Another Senior, Rachel Mckenna, was ubering home with a couple of her friends and when they got in the car they asked the Uber a question, which he wasn’t able to answer. Instead his response was “hablo un pocito ingles.” Mckenna and her friends had to talk to him in Spanish the whole ride home, and to make it worse, the driver didn’t know how to work the GPS, so Mckenna had to give him directions in Spanish all the way home from Lutz, which was a 30 minute drive.

Junior, Jesslyn Fingar, laughs about her drive with her friends and her Uber driver. As soon as the old white minivan pulled up, Fingar knew that something was going to happen. As the girls got into the car, the driver proceeded to tell them to call her “Aunty Anne”. Fingar and her friends decided they wanted to stop at McDonald’s on their way home, and the Uber made them all download the McDonald’s phone app to get them a discount. All of a sudden when they were downloading the app, the Uber decided to randomly plug in her phone and blast Eminem.


Many Academy girls laugh about their hilarious times in various kinds of Ubers. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the driver you got don’t be afraid to cancel it and request another driver, but, the Uber ride might be the highlight of the night instead of the event you are taking the Uber to.