Makeup vs. Sports: Academy Athlete Tested

February 22, 2017

Whether theyre rowing, running, or swinging, these Academy athletes didnt hesitate to put their makeup to the test.

Photo Credit: Audrey Anello/Achona Online

Whether they’re rowing, running, or swinging, these Academy athletes didn’t hesitate to put their makeup to the test.

As a result of high demand from athletic consumers, cosmetic companies including Neutrogena and Thrive Causemetics, are releasing an increased amount of workout-friendly makeup products. In anticipation of these new releases and other revolutionary cosmetics, Academy athletes put their favorite makeup products to the test at after school practice.

Senior and Captain of the Tennis team, Anna Padron, tested out her everyday makeup routine at practice. She used Mac Water Weight Foundation, Chanel Translucent Powder, and Benefit’s “They’re Real” Mascara.

After an hour tennis session with a full face of makeup, Padron said, “I would only do this again if I was being photographed for Vogue. My poor pores were suffocating.”                                                                                                             Credit: Anna Padron/Achona Online

Sophomore rower Lindsay Ayers participated by wearing a face of makeup significantly heavier than her normal routine. Ayers used a grand total of 11 products.

She said, “I was surprised at how well the makeup lasted, since I was sweating and kind of rubbing it off. I would definitely not do this again, it was uncomfortable and not worth it.”

Credit: Audrey Anello/Achona Online

At a track meet on Tuesday,  February 22, Senior Chloe Paman braved Jesuit High School to rock her makeup look.

Credit: Chloe Paman/Achona Online

Paman said, “Although I don’t usually wear makeup I was pretty surprised to see how my makeup was able to stand through a track meet. I expected it to be an absolute mess but mainly it was just my mascara that was affected. Overall, I was pretty impressed. There weren’t any noticeable changes to my foundation from the sweat, but I did expect my waterproof mascara to hold up.”

With the addition of helmets to the Lacrosse team uniform, Senior Riley Gillis and Junior Alexandra Fonseca were anxious to see how their makeup would test against the heavy headwear.

Credit: Riley Gillis (used with permission)

Gillis said, “Wearing makeup was annoying because it felt like it was clogging my pores especially while I was sweating. I ended up wiping most of it off onto my practice jersey.”

None of the products Gillis used were made to be worn while exercising, a possible contribution to the discomfort felt.
Credit: Riley Gillis (used with permission)

Senior and softball player Katie Hale confidently wore her makeup to practice, even in the rain. The Cornell softball commit used a six products to create a “no makeup” makeup look.   


Credit: Katie Hale (used with permission)

Hale said, “I don’t really wear a lot of makeup so I don’t mind wearing it at practice. Only some of it came off when I would wipe the sweat off my face, but it held up a lot better than I thought it would.”

DISCLAIMER: It is not recommended to wear regular makeup products during exercise as it can cause acne and skin irritability. The revolutionized, athletic -friendly makeup products made specifically for exercising provide more options for athletes with the desire keep their makeup in check while working out.

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