How to Budget in South Tampa

March 8, 2018


At Goody Goody, a grilled cheese and milkshake is only ten dollars. Photo Credit: Callie Mellon/ Achona Online

Students at Academy often find themselves struggling to find ways to balance their student budgets wisely. With two malls and countless restaurants, South Tampa can be a very expensive place to hang out, if not aware of the right ways to balance spending. Here are some tricks on how to budget wisely.

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  • When going out to eat, share a dish with a friend if the serving size is big.
  • Skip the appetizer and instead just eat the bread that is brought to the table.
  • Order from the kids menu, if craving something lighter.

Emma Crall and Danielle Duarte (‘20) say, “When we go out to lunch, we usually split money to save money on a large meal. We like to go to Green Lemon and Chick-fil-a the most.”


  • Don’t shop when bored in order to skip silly purchases.
  • Find cheap deals online – stores are often more expensive.
  • Try thrift shopping; a popular one that many students go to is called Squaresville, located on Bay to Bay.
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    Bella Addison (’20) says, “I like to walk through the mall once, and then go back to the shop that has the best deal, so I don’t waste my money on something that I don’t really want.”


  • When driving with friends, get them to help pay for gas.
  • Try to make as few stops as possible when driving somewhere; pick up friends at one place instead of driving to individual places.
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Ella Hileman (’20) says, “I carpool with two other AHN students, so we rotate weekly and save gas money on the days that we don’t have to drive.”

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