Christmas Formal celebrates transition to holiday season

The annual High School Christmas Formal, held Friday night,  December 17, at Higgins Hall, St. Lawrence Parish, brought an end to studies and the beginning of holiday festivities.  Highlights of the evening included the announcement of the Holly Court and the Yearbook Senior Notables.

Echoes Yearbook Editors Kelsey Langston, Laura Guinta, and Brianna Kemm first announced Senior Notables at 10:45:    Katie Martin, “Most Sincere”, Emily Elliot, “Most Talented”; Katie Callahan, “Most Witty”; and Paige Russel, “Most Athletic”;  Lindsey Hahn, “Most Likely to Succeed”; Lindsey Backman,  “Best Personality”; Hannah McNamara, “Most Spirited”; and Samantha Seal, “Best All-Around.” 

Emily Caruso announced the Holly Court grade-level princesses and queen: Lily Veith and Siobhan Plummer, freshman princesses; Felicia Nelson and Alexandra Diaz, sophomore princesses; Tori Foody and Alice Elliot,  junior princesses; Megan Ylagan and Mackenzie Murphy, senior princesses.  Samantha Seal was crowned Queen of Christmas Formal.  

Holding her bouquet of roses, Seal commented,  “Formal was so much fun, and being voted queen caught me totally off guard but I was really honored that I won, and I appreciate everyone who voted for me, and the girls who won spots on the court were all amazing. It really made that the best Christmas formal I have ever been to.”

Though the dance officially began at nine, the night began earlier with photographs and dinner.    Shortly after nine, cars and limos began to arrive at Higgins Hall.  Before the couples could enter the dance, they had to brave the long receiving line in which they introduced their dates to administration and faculy members including Sr. Mary Glavin, Sr. Ann, Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Mullarkey, Principal Mrs. Camille Jowanna, Academy President Dr. HarryPupur, Mrs. Rhonda Wisniewski, Mrs. Deborah Collins, Mrs. Edie LeBas, and Mr. Paolo Motta. 

As late-arriving students and their dates waited in the receiving line, they listened to the music playing in the hall and and eagerly awaited their turn to dance, while couples who came on time danced to their favorite songs such as “The Electric Slide” and “The Cupid Shuffle.” 

“Senior Formal was a night spent with great friends who made the night fun, memorable, and one I’ll always treasure.” senior Caitlin Vaka says.  To the seniors, it was the last of many good memories while to the freshman, it was the first of many memories to come.


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Christmas Formal celebrates transition to holiday season