English I Honors students go ‘no-tech’

Any twenty-first century Academy freshman would admit that technology monopolizes at least half of her everyday life.  Devices such as television, cell phones, computers, and iPods play into both the social and educational aspects of these girls’ personal routines.

These facts pose questions as to how dependent the people of 2010 are on technology. English I Honors students recently wrote and responded to short stories by Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut as well as discussed Alice Walker’s views on television. Students began to see how technology controls their lives, and many could see positive and negative outcomes of teens’ personal use of tech media.

Inspired by a school in Oregon, freshman English teacher Mrs. Sawyer encouraged her English I honors students to go “no tech” for two days and to journal about their experience. The class chose Sunday and Monday, November 21 and 22, as the days they would commit to this experiment.

Freshmen Angelina Bartucci, Hannah Crall, and Alana Adams were three of the many students who participated in this “no tech” experiment. These girls took time to answer a few questions for the video report to allow others some insight to their experiences.

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English I Honors students go ‘no-tech’