‘Dreamcoat’ musical featured drama onstage and off

Little did the cast of Academy’s spring musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” know that their first performance on Thursday morning, February 24, would turn out to include its own exodus from the Brady Center right in the middle of the show.

Just as Lindsey Martinez, who played Joseph, belted out her final note on “Close Every Door to Me,” the fire alarm went off and every door opened wide to evacuate 700 middle school students attending the show from area schools.  The problem turned out to be a mechanical error, so within ten minutes, the students were allowed to return and enjoy the rest of the show.

Martinez was calm about the whole thing, remarking that what she learned from the experience is that “It does not take long to move 700 students out of a building!”

As if that experience was not enough, the third performance on Saturday night required Martinez to make four mic changes as she continued to carry on the show. “Luckily I have a loud voice so I just kept on singing.”

The fourth performance on Sunday was uneventful except for the large crowd on hand and the enthusiastic bravos of the audience. Principal Mrs. Camille Jowanna said, “Congratulations to Ms. Stefanie Rotolo, Ms. Linda Ruescher, and the cast of talented students for this school musical.  It was a marvelous production! ”

Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Mullarkey, who made a cameo appearance as Potifar, an evil captain, one of “Egypt’s millionaires,” said, ” I was impressed with the cast as a whole. The leads Kelsey Langston and Lindsey Martinez sold the play, but the strong underclassmen and junior showing really made it sing. Scene performances that really stood out were Jennifer Compton lead in the Parisian song and  Elise Belluccia’s lead in the Calypso number. With the up and coming talent in this show, I predict a bright future for the Bayshore Players in their next productions.”

Drama teacher Ms. Stefanie Rotolo said, “After each performance Ms. Ruescher and I could not help but glow with pride over how well the entire cast did. Their hard work and talent paid off.”

The cast included students from both Academy high school and lower school:

Joseph—Lindsey Martinez

Narrator—Kelsey Langston

Jacob / Pharaoh—Jack Maguschak


  • Rueben—Jennifer Compton
  • Simeon—Hilda Delgado
  • Levi—Gabby Mendez
  • Napthali—Valerie Ely
  • Issachar— Gabriel Kelly
  • Asher—Essence Grant
  • Dan— Arlyn Barlaan
  • Zebulun—Meghan Wallace
  • Gad—Ashlynn
  • Benjamin— Jessica Riddle
  • Judah— Elise Belluccia

Women’s Chorus

  • Melanie Huamani
  • Carmen Mendez
  • Felicia Nelson
  • Molly Von Behron
  • Hannah McCarthy


Potiphar—Jack Mullarkey

Mrs. Potiphar—Elise Belluccia

Lively lad (lass) -–Sophia Baldor


  • Michelle Ebrada
  • Emily Jeffrey
  • Katherine Young
  • Jacqueline Henderson

Stage Crew—

  • Daryl Sutphin-Garcia
  • McKenzie Kennedy
  • Sarah Scarbrough
  • Isabella Cogdill
  • Anna Cevallos
  • Sarah Shakespeare
  • Sophia Livingston
  • Meagan Gonzalez

Student Directors

  • Amanda Bell
  • Caroline de Quesada

Stage Manager—Jacqueline Henderson