Bigger, Bolder, Growing Older


Principal Mrs. Camille Jowanna welcomes Academy girls to a new year.

Bridget Davis, Videographer; Sophia Baldor, Reporter; Jessica Riddle, Writer

Sophia Baldor and Josie Little, News Editor and Assistant Editor

Bigger and better than all previous years, AHN’s kick-off  orientation surpassed expectations. After hosting the faculty on Wednesday with  a bountiful breakfast and pumping up freshmen on Thursday at their orientation,  Student Council proceeded to host the all-school orientation on Friday.

Freshmen girls were designated by crisp new polos that  seemed to outnumber the upper-class women’s AHN t-shirts. Mr. Art Raimo, AHN’s  new President, attended the day’s opening festivities. In his address to the  student body, he reaffirmed the special and unique gift that Academy girls  share. He also reassured new students that he was in the “same boat”:  scared, excited, and, above all, relieved by the acceptance he felt.

Student Council President Tori Foody and Vice President  Amanda Damico energized the student body with  cheerful songs and dances that included, “Boom Chicka Boom,” “Singing in the  Rain,” and “Form the Banana.”

Soon after, Student Council members separated the girls  into sixteen groups to prepare skits for presentation before the school. These skits demonstrated such high school issues as boys, peer pressure, slacking,  and MORE BOYS. Filled with laughter, enthusiasm, and motivation, the skits drew laughter and cheers.

Next, students formed the communal chair, a tradition at  the Academy. All the girls lined up on the border of the gym and waited for  Tori Foody to give the count of three. Every girl then sat on the lap of the  person standing behind her, creating a huge line of human chairs.

The  festivities of the day closed with bitter-sweet chants by the class of 2012 before  they ended with the Alma Mater.