Academy sweeps first place at Regional Latin Forum

Academy sweeps first place at Regional Latin Forum

For the first time since 2000, Academy hosted the regional Latin Forum on Saturday, February 4 and ended up first in Academics and second in Athletic competitions and first place in overall in points.  Among the middle and high schools from three different counties,  the girls earned a total of 18 first-place ribbons, in addition to placing frequently in the top five of their respective categories.

First-place winners include: Sherine Hamade, Sarah Castillo, Alyssa Piccari, Carmelle Kuizon, Margret Shumake, Shae Timmons, Maddie Cahill, Hannah Hancock, Natalie Hahn, Carmen Mendez, Natalie Yob, Cassidy Gourley, Emily Dever, Becca Patterson, Carrie Donica, Sarah Davis, and Josie Little.

Hosting a multi-school event can cause major stress. If the stress weren’t enough, imagine other activities happening at the same time. The Latin Department had to plan around an alumna wedding in the Academy chapel, a soccer tournament on the soccer field, and a birthday party. The biggest concern about all of these events was the amount of parking spots. Latin students were encouraged to carpool, get dropped off by their parents, or even walk, if possible.

During the weeks prior to the event, Mrs. Amy Kafantaris, World Languages Department Chair and Latin teacher, tackled the registration papers of fourteen schools. More than 500 students attended. Because of the many different conflicts, Mrs. Kafantaris, with the help from Latin students, reviewed registration forms by each student name, one by one, in order to seek conflicts in scheduling events.

Mrs. Kafantaris said, “Originally, I had thought I read “Wedding Rehearsal” when planning Forum. However, when I checked again after distributing the registration papers, I saw “Wedding.” The biggest challenge of the planning was trying to get everything done prior to 4 pm when the guests arrived for the wedding.”

On the morning of Latin Forum, all schools gathered in the Brady Center for an opening ceremony. Principal Mrs. Camille Jowanna welcomed everyone with a prayer in Latin, followed by Mrs. Kafantaris, who reviewed the schedule of the day.

Afterwards, the students took the academic tests they signed up for at time of registration.  The tests covered many areas of classical subjects.  The test categories included: Ancient Geography, Classical Art, Grammar, Greek Derivatives, Greek Life & Literature, Hellenic History, Latin Derivatives, Latin Literature, Mythology, Reading Comprehension, Roman History, Roman Culture, Vocabulary, and Mottoes, Abbreviations & Quotations.

After the tests were completed, three different events happened at the same time: Creatives, Olympika, and Certamen.

Students participating in Creatives either submitted pre-made art projects, including drawings and pottery, performed dramatic interpretations, or created their own costumes by hand. Olympika ran similar to track and field events with athletic contests, including a mile run, 100 meter dash, long jump, and friscus. Also, schools created catapults. One unique race was the Atalanta race, in which one boy and one girl competed together. The race recreated the well-known myth of Melanion’s Golden Apples. Certamen was a type of quiz-bowl game with trivia questions that range from grammar to culture. Each team consisted of four members. Teams played two rounds, with 10 questions each excluding bonus questions.

Because a few athletic events ran late, tallying the final scores delayed the awards ceremony as well. However, the delay did not stop the enthusiasm of the students. As everyone awaited the scores, Academy students led the rest of the schools in a “Wave”. Once Mrs. Kafantaris stepped into the Brady Center, everyone in the room cheered.

Ribbons of the top five scorers were given in each category. Organized PowerPoints with the names of winners projected onto the screen of the stage as Mrs. Kafantaris read each name.

The Academy’s team results are as follows:

Grade 9: Sherine Hamade: 2nd pl. Mottoes; 1st pl. Customs

Sarah Castillo: 1st pl. Pentathlon; 2nd pl. Geography

Lauren Calka: 3rd pl. Pentathlon

Frances Kratz: 4th pl. Pentathlon; 5th pl. Geography; 2nd pl. 100 meter

Alyssa Piccari: 1st pl. Classical Art

Tiffany Reyes: 3rd pl. Classical Art; 4th pl. Greek Derivatives

Maggie Brekka: 3rd pl. Classical Art/ 5th pl. Illustrated Booklet

Eleeza Santos: 3rd pl. Customs; 3rd pl. 100 meter

Mica Wiley: 3rd pl. Customs

Jacqueline Do: 5th pl. Customs

Nicole Sanchez: 3rd pl. Derivatives I

Caroline Kimbler: 4th pl. Derivatives I; 5th pl. Greek Derivatives; 3rd pl. catapult

Denni Abrahan: 3rd pl. geography

Juliana Sowers: 4th pl. Geography; 4th pl. Mythology

Liv Gessner: 2nd pl. Greek Derivatives; 3rd pl. Mythology

Olivia Brink: 3rd pl. Greek Derivatives

Carmelle Kuizon: 4th pl. drawing; 1st pl. 100 meter

Rachel Anderson/Theresa Grandoff: 2nd pl. Couple Costume

Trysten Flechas: 4th pl. 100 m


Grade 10:  Margret Shumake: 1st pl. Classical Art II; 2nd pl. mile

Hannah McCarthy: 2nd pl. Classical Art II; 4th pl. History of the Republic II

Shae Timmons: 3rd pl. Classical Art II; 1st pl. long jump

Maddie Cahill: 1st pl. Customs II

Hannah Hancock: 1st pl. Derivatives II

Theresa Lopez: 4th pl. Derivatives II; 3rd pl. Dramatic Reading

Janelle Enriquez: 5th pl. Derivatives II; 4th pl. Geography II

Hilda Delgado: 3rd pl. Geography II

Siobhan Plummer: 5th pl. Geography II; 3rd pl. Mottoes II

Natalie Hahn: 1st pl. Greek Derivatives II; 1st pl. mile

Carmen Mendez:  1st pl. Greek Lit. II

Natalie Yob: 5th pl. Hellenic History II; 1st pl. costume

Cassidy Gourley: 1st pl. Latin Lit. II

Gabrielle Madden: 2nd pl. Mottoes II

Argie Cabalan: 4th pl. Mottoes II

Colleen McInerney: 4th pl. Myth II; 4th pl. long jump

Emily Dever: 1st pl. declamation; 3rd pl. long jump; 1st friscus

Becca Patterson: 5th pl. Miscellaneous art; 1st pl. 100 meter


Grade 11: Carrie Donica: 2nd pl. Adv. Derivatives; 1st pl. Greek Derivatives

Li Stalder: 3rd pl. Adv. Derivatives

Karen Cornett: 4th pl. Greek Derivatives Adv.

MK Khan: 2nd pl. Adv. History of the Republic

Emily Jeffrey: 2nd pl. Pottery


Grade 12: Sarah Davis: 4th pl. Reading Comprehension; 1st pl. Dramatic Reading

Josie Little: 1st pl. Adv. Derivatives

Helen Barrett: 5th pl. History of the Empire

Katie Elliott: 2nd pl. Latin Lit. Adv.

Mary Green: 5th pl. Mottoes Adv.


4th Certamen

2nd Athletics

1st Academics



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Academy sweeps first place at Regional Latin Forum