Class of 2013: Climbing up and leaping forward together


The Class of 2013 enjoy their time together.

On a cloudy Friday morning of January 27, the junior class traveled to Day Spring Retreat Center in Ellenton for a day filled with fun team-building activities. The clouds went away soon after the girls arrived, making it into the ideal weather for the outdoor retreat.

First, the girls gathered together in a big circle and played a few ice-breaker games. Then, the retreat leaders divided the girls into seven small groups. Within the smaller groups, each group participated in high and low ropes courses throughout the day. Each junior challenged herself for her individual tolerance of heights, as well as her leadership and trust abilities.

As each girl participated in a ropes course, she had to trust her Academy sisters on the belay team. The belay team consisted of four teammates, who were in charge of the ropes attaching to the harness.

Junior Arlyn Barlaan said, “By encouraging each other while trying to overcome our fears and obstacles, we were able to bond as a class.”

Sarah Shakespeare added, “It was difficult to complete our challenges, but with our classmates’ support, it was a successful day.”

From high ropes and beams to team-building exercises at ground level, the groups worked together and had a fun bonding experience, which brought the Class of 2013 closer than ever.