AHN/Tiger Robotics simulcast competition from Orlando Regionals

Tiger Robotics Club (Jesuit/AHN) began their  first day of competition on March 8,  at Orlando Regionals with service to the Boys and Girls Club teams and checking out their competition for finals.  Supporters of the Tigers can keep posted on the simulcast at http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/robotics/first/ucf-regional-2012/

On the first day the club found several issues arise that made the members proud of their adaptability and ingenuity.  First of all Tomcat, their competition robot, needed to start and finish a serious diet plan. After passing inspection in their pit, Tomcat went for an official weigh-in, only to find itself nine pounds overweight. Several hours later after metal cutting and removing pieces here and there, Tomcat came in just under the 120-pound limit.

Several more of the team members  provided direct assistance to a group of Boys and Girls Club teams, one of whom the team had begun an official mentor relationship with this season.  The team had previously provided them support in programming debugging and had donated five netbooks  for their use.  At the Tiger Robotcis team was assisting three of the five Boys and Girls Club teams in building a working, drivable base including wiring, metal assembly, bumper manufacturing and more.  This help ensured that  these club teams could pass inspection and have an opportunity to place their robots on the playing field and compete.  These efforts are at the heart of what FIRST terms Gracious Professionalism code of practice involves – helping other robotics groups get up to speed. .

The Tigers young scout team scoured the Pits talking with each of the 60 plus teams here at the Orlando Regionals, gathering information and pictures of each of the robots. The data collected is being collated, and along with observation of competition matches on Friday, March 9, will help form the strategy used in determining, in rank order, preferences to which teams the Tigers would like to be aligned with in the final rounds.


Match 1 – Red 3 – 9:00am

Match 18 – Red 3 – 10:42am

Match 29 – Red 3 – 12:45pm

Match 35 – Blue 2 – 1:27pm

Match 48 – Blue 3 – 2:54pm

Match 62 – Red 3 – 4:18pm

Match 69 – Blue 3 – 5:00pm

Match 75 – Blue 3 – 9:06am

Match 90 – Blue 3 -10:36am

Match 98 – Red 2 – 11:24am

Match # Time


29 12:45


35 1:27


48 2:54


62 4:18


69 5:00





75 9:06


90 10:36


98 11:24


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AHN/Tiger Robotics simulcast competition from Orlando Regionals