Spanish Honor Society inducts 31 new members


Spanish Honor Society officers Anna Cevallos, Emily Pollock, and Marisa Infante conduct the induction ceremony.

Tori Litschgi, Staff

On Tuesday, April 24, thirty-one dedicated Spanish students were inducted into the prestigious AHN chapter of Spanish Honor Society (SHS).  President Marisa Infante welcomed the eager students and their parents with a brief introduction about SHS and a summation of qualities necessary for induction.

Marisa and Vice President Emily Pollock briefed the audience on the AHN chapter, Benito Pérez Galdós, and its history.  Pollock  then called each inductee forward to receive her certificate.  New members of SHS recited an oath, promising their devotion to their continued studies of the Spanish language.  The ceremony concluded with new members signing the register for the AHN SHS chapter.

After induction,  club members,  faculty and administration congratulated the following new inductees:  Alana Adams, Sara Allison, Gini Barreda, Laura Castillo, Katherine Hobson, Catherine Lewis, Miranda Lopez, Casey Pluchino, Angela Robbins, Victoria Valdes, Rachel Astorquiza, Angelina Bartucci, Hannah Crall, Veronica Marcos, Natalie Martinez, Grace Withers, Lexi Acebo, Kendall Bopp, Maddie Cassidy, Megan Glogowski, Olivia Hobbs, Mariah Diaz, Sarah Elliot, Lizzie Emmanuel, Elise Heiman, Sophia Miranda, Allie Reichert, Carly Stagg, Sam Vargas, Priscilla Vasquez, and Chiara Gonzales-Portillo.