Students blaze new paths


Academy students accomplish spelling one of the Academy-related words, the school name.

A feeling of enthusiasm filled the gym as the incoming freshmen walked inside for their first all-school orientation. After having their own orientation the day before, the building buzzed with talk of beginning high school. Sophomores and juniors joined the bleachers before the senior mob erupted. After a long and sleepless night, the class of 2014 ran into the gym, exuded school spirit, and chanted, “Seniors! Seniors!” Their final school orientation was about to begin. The theme for this year’s orientation was “Creating New Roads.”
Student Council President Siobhan Plummer had been looking forward to presiding over her first school function. “I was excited yet really nervous because I wanted to kick off everyone’s year in a fabulous way.” Plummer and other student council members led the girls in traditional and fun songs such as “Peeling the Banana” and “Singing in the Rain.” The freshman class had a chance to meet and bond with students from other grades in their “car groups”- ranging from the Volkswagen Beetles to the Jaguars.  Each group had a mixture of freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. After a few icebreakers, they participated in activities such as creating a group cheer and spelling Academy-related words with a stack of scrambled letters.
Student Council presented a “Family Feud” style game centered around Academy life. Two groups consisting of a few members from each car group competed against each other to list the most popular answers in categories, such as “Favorite After School Snack,” “Sisters of Academy,” and “Favorite School Accessory.” Students in the audience also joined the fun by shouting answers to help each group.
Orientation created bonds between the students and between the grades. Sisterhood was one of the driving forces behind organizing the event. In the traditional Lap Sit, every Academy student formed a circle and sat on each other’s lap, leaning and supporting their sisters. A strong reminder that there is always a sister close by to lean on, and a sister to support.