Water Works


Photo Credit: Jessica Jurado

Installed in an effort to reduce water bottle waste, new reverse water coolers are available on every floor of the main building.

A refreshing new appliance has made itself available to AHN students. The Reverse Osmosis Water system has redefined the common water fountain. The change was made at the beginning of this year in an effort to provide cleaner and clearer water to the girls at Academy.

What about this new system is so unique? The Reverse Osmosis uses a special pressure technique to remove molecules and ions several students claim to give the water a “coppery” taste.

This appliance has caused more girls to refill their water bottles and stay hydrated. The purification of distributed water not only prevents dehydration related sickness, but serves as an overall health plus to the Academy student body.

Currently there are only two Reverse Osmosis filtration systems in the high school. One is located at the end of the science wing and the other is in the fourth floor hallway. However, the students prefer to use only these systems as opposed to nearby traditional water fountains.

“Clearer, crisper tasting water – colder and more refreshing,” says senior KeTaira Phillips. “It’s well worth a trip up from the courtyard to reach the system on the fourth floor.”

The unique water fountain wastes much less water than traditional ones, adding to the Sister of the Holy Name’s conservation of water campaign. For five years, Academy has promoted the importance of clean water and has raised money to provide for those in need of water. The Annual Art Show held near the end of each year have been centered around the theme of water and how it truly provides life to earth.

Around campus, you’ll scarcely see any high school girls without a water bottle. They’ve become a useful accessory when using the Reverse Osmosis system. The introduction of the filtration system to the Academy community was well received and many students hope to see an expanse in the number of said fountains across the Academy of the Holy Names’ campus.