Two AHN juniors selected to attend prestigious Naval Academy Summer Seminar


Photo Credit: Melissa Cox

Juniors Frances Kratz and Paolo Farah

Juniors, Paola Farah and Frances Kratz, have been selected to attend the U.S. Naval Academy’s Summer Seminar program. This prestigious summer program is extended to approximately 2,550 students (national and abroad).  Specifically for rising seniors, it introduces prospective applicants to life at the Naval Academy, located in Annapolis, MD.

During the six-day summer seminar, the students become fully immersed in the Naval Academy experience. They live in Bancroft Hall, eat in King Hall, and partake in other daily activities such as physical training. There is also a focus on academics, as the participants attend eight 90-minute workshops that focus on various topics: Information Technology, History, Political Science, and Systems Engineering, and many more. Furthermore, students will receive an overview of Navy and Marine Corps service options.

The selection criteria is based on Academic performance, achievement in athletic and extracurricular activities, demonstrating leadership potential in those areas, being physically fit, having a positive attitude, being self-disciplined and having good moral character.

Farah is also highly involved in Tiger Robotics (JHS/AHN) where she will be Vice President as well as Electrical Lead her senior year. She is also a member of Beta Honor Society, National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, English Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Mu Alpha Theta, and Rho Kappa Societies.

Kratz is currently Treasurer of Student Council, and is also a member of Beta Honor Society, National Honor Society, English Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Rho Kappa Societies. Highly involved in philanthropy, she initiated Skype session earlier this year with Academy sisters in Lesotho, South Africa (as well as a campaign to provide the school with wireless internet access for a year). Her ultimate goal is to begin an annual mission trip to Lesotho.