LUSH Staining Product

Bubble lovin had me a blast. Credit: Gabrielle Vivero/Achona Online

Bubble lovin’ had me a blast. Credit: Gabrielle Vivero/Achona Online

Gabrielle Vivero , Senior Staff Writer

After a long stressful day, an Academy girls’ go to is a LUSH Bath Bomb, but after the recent stories of LUSH’s Bath Bombs staining people’s skin, many have been searching for new alternatives.

LUSH Cosmetics is a company that has taken the world by storm over the past few years. LUSH specializes in creating handmade bath and body products, and is devoted to not testing its products on animals. Recently, however, the cosmetics company has come across some controversy with a few saturated bath products staining customer’s skin.

Junior Audrey Anello, “I always used Bath Bombs, but when I saw the pictures of the people with stained skin I instantly reevaluated LUSH products.”

The issue of stained skin came up when one girl, Abi Shenton, tweeted photos of the aftermath of her using LUSH product. Shortly following the first incident, another skin stained came about, and this was worse than the first.

After almost three days of purple and pink skin, she had to put concealer all over her body to get rid of the purple tint.

Even after the first two incidents, yet another woman found her body stained with pink and purple after using the same LUSH product as the others..

..but what these girls didn’t know was that it wasn’t LUSH’s fault that their skin was staining, but their own fault for misusing the products. All three girls all used LUSH razzle dazzle bath oils, which are to be pre-crushed and sprinkled through the bath, unlike Bath Bombs that self-dissolve. Bath Bombs can easily be mistaken for bath oils and even the Bubble Bar, but now the lesson is learned to read the directions and the type of product to buy before use.