Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins an Oscar!

Credit: Twitter/@ENews
Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscars at the 2016 88th Academy Awards

Credit: Twitter/@ENews Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscars at the 2016 88th Academy Awards

Leonardo DiCaprio a 41 year old actor attended the 2016 88th Academy Awards, no doubt looking spiffy in a smart tuxedo, as he has done on many previous occasions.  DiCaprio has never won a single Oscars all of his years of acting and in so many movies. These are the six nominations Leonardo has been nominated for the Oscars,

1993 the movie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape nominated for Best Supporting Actor didn’t win.

2005 The Aviator nominated for Best Actor didn’t win.

2007 Blood Diamond nominated for Best Actor didn’t win.

2014 The Wolf of Wall Street nominated for Best picture didn’t win.

2016 Revenant nominated for Best Actor and Won!!


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He finally did it he got his first Oscars after six nominations over the past years it was for Best Actor. DiCaprio’s reactions and speech were amazing even all his fans were beyond excited for him tweets going out to him for how amazing of an actor he is. He truly has deserved it . Tweeter feeds have been blowing up when DiCaprio got called up to receive his award. Academy girls have mentioned how excited they were for him as well as randoms on Twitter

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Senior Gillan Dunne shares, “I love Leonardo DiCaprio he deserved all the attention he received for wining his Oscars for the first time I’m truly happy for him as a fan and will continue to hope for the best for the rest of his career”


Leo’s has won his very first Oscar and his fans are very excited for him. After the uproar of not winning last year they were all relieved and ecstatic that he won this year, after six nominations for the Academy Awards.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s acceptance speech at the Oscars was certainly one for the record books. He thanked his parents, as so many winners do, but the actor remained composed and focused on his political beliefs. He has waited  22 years  to receive an Oscars and has accomplished his dreams here is a video of his full speech.


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