All You Need to Know About the New iPhone

The new iPhone 7 release has people question Apple for their next phone

Photo Credit: Victoria Baldor/Achona Online

The new iPhone 7 release has people question Apple for their next phone

It’s almost been a tradition in the tech world that every year around September a new iPhone model is released. This year was no different, and the new phone was released on September 7 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in Downtown San Francisco. Below are some of the biggest changes the new iPhone 7 has to offer.

Goodbye headset jack

Getting rid of the jack as a whole will be a test to who the real supporters are to apple. Some claim they may may the switch back to Android after hearing that there are no easy headphone capabilities. There is however an adapter that comes in the box to make the phone headphone friendly, but really who wants to remember another piece of equipment?

Grace Neal admits, “I probably won’t buy the new iPhone 7 because listening to music will be more of a hassle because there is no headphone jack.”

Can’t just click your way back home

The most iconic feature of the iPhone, the physical click button at the bottom, is now gone. Now in the iphone 7 the home button still exists in the same location, but it’s no longer mechanical. Instead, the iPhone will provide similar like updated MacBooks, pressure-sensitive rather than having it physically click.


A double camera for more tricks

The larger version of the iPhone 7, comes with two rear facing camera, but not at all for capturing 3D pictures. Instead each camera is made to shoot at different focal lengths, allowing for more options. In addition to the two lenses, the iphone 7 will have cool new capturing capabilities. For example, the “depth” features uses the differences in the lenses to enhance the blur of the background behind your subject.

In the smaller version there is unfortunately only one lens, but there are still updates from the 6S. They claim to have a better quality camera, flash, and focusing capabilities. Sophomore Maddie Urso admits, “Every year they say the camera gets better and better, but in reality it doesn’t change much.”


Second Generation of Apple Watches

The series 2 Apple Watches have improved to people’s needs since the first release. For starters the screen is the brightest apple has ever made, and doubles the brightness of the first watch. In addition, the new chip makes the watch twice as faster than its predecessor. Not to mention, the new watch has some fancy looking bands, including custom Hermès, and there’s a Nike watch model that’s aimed specifically at guilting runners into regular exercise.

The series 2 watch starts at $369, and has kept the original as a cheaper alternative for $269. Pre Orders begin September 9th, and the watches are predicted to come in late October.


Goodbye rice bags

The new more durable phones are highly resistant to water and dust compared to the older models. That means no more soaking wet damaged phone in bags of rice hoping to revive what’s left of that broken phone.

“The biggest complaint I had for the iPhone was the constant water damage, but now I don’t have to worry as much when I go out places,” admits senior Emily Villanueva.