Pope Francis is Officially the Most Relatable Pope


Credit: Olivia Stevens/Achona Online

Freshmen Sophia Arnold and Isabella Schellman find inspirational things everyday, including a smiling portrait of our pope on the first floor lobby at AHN.

Pope Francis stepped out of the Vatican doors and into hearts around the world on March 13th, 2013. Since then, Pope Francis has made leaps and bounds in the Catholic Church, reaching out to youth and making an effort to absolve conflicts within the Church. Francis has made an effort to utilize modern mediums to influence the next generation. He was the first religious head on the cover of Rolling Stone, an honor among much of society. He is a groundbreaking leader of the Catholic Church, including being the first ever Latin American pope. Over the past three years, he has done many things to prove he is a man of tradition and faith, while still taking on the role as a relatable pope.

In between corporal works of mercy, Pope Francis takes the time to communicate with people through his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Every so often, he tweets inspirational statements during times of triumph or sorrow- speaking to his nearly 10 million followers. As a surprise to many, he recently auctioned off his old Harley Davidson motorcycle to help feed the poor. He reaches out in any way he can since the Catholic faith is constantly growing and evolving. 


Beth Chase, a faculty member known for being constantly up to date about current world events including that which comes from the Vatican, remarked, “ I admire the way he interacts with people and his humility.”  

Many people also admire how he handles public appearances and his down-to-earth personality as a leader. He demonstrates the virtue of humility by wearing simple vestments, being driven around in an older model car instead of the traditional popemobile, and making an effort to interact with the unprivileged and missionaries from all around the world. He embraces his role as a leader for modern youth and even stops to snap a few selfies in crowds and with missionaries. 

Junior Haley Hemmings added, “Whenever I think of him, I think of love and admire that he is extremely open to change.”

According to Daily Mail, he also took the time to greet a rescue Labrador that had pulled a young girl out of the rubble left from the Italian earthquakes. The pup even held up his paw for Pope Francis, and he chuckled as he shook the lab’s paw and thanked him.

Recently, Pope Francis pushed for the canonization of of Mother Teresa. She was canonized during a Vatican Mass held on this pass Sunday. People from all over the world gathered to witness Mother Teresa finally be canonized after her death, a little over 19 years ago. It’s one of the most profound actions the pope has done for the Catholic community. Many have waited for chance to call her Saint Teresa since she set an example as a powerful influence in helping the poor in India and met with many profound leaders, including Princess Diana.


Pope Francis even decide to reopen the discussion of female deacons to the Catholic community after many years of debate. The decision is still being discussed as to whether or not they will go forward in the change, but Sister Mary Glavin is hopeful.

Sister Mary Glavin also commented, “He is making it possible for the door to open to the possibly of women becoming deacons.” 



Pope Francis continues to show the public that he is anything but ordinary. He is tolerance towards different religions and backgrounds, no matter past mistakes. Pope Francis sheds an amazing light on the possibilities and achievements he will accomplish as leader of the Catholic Church and a well-rounded teacher.