Test your trivia skills with Achona’s Mascot Madness Quiz

Graduation time for seniors means giving up their beloved AHN Jaguar mascot to take up allegiance to the mascot of their intended college.   The following quiz features colleges the Class of 2012 will attend next year. Take the Achona’s mascot quiz to see if you can claim knowledge of  ultimate college fandom!

Name the school that corresponds to each mascot below.  Even better, name the seniors who will be attending these schools and adopting this mascot as their own. Then check your answers at end of quiz.

1. Spiders

2. Boilermakers

3. Banana Slugs

4. Pirates

5. Aztecs

6. Battling Bishops

7. Vixens

8. Bruins

9. Belles

10. Horned Frogs


What schools cheer for these colorful mascots? Which seniors will be attending these schools?

1. Red Storm

2. Orange

4. Golden Bears

5. Blue Hens

6. Red Raiders

7. Golden Eagles

8. Big Red

9. Yellow Jackets

10. Black Knights


Bonus questions:

Which five men’s Division I basketball teams feature the tiger as their mascot?


What are the origins of some of the most famous, yet most obscure, college mascots? Here are a few fun facts:

Georgetown Hoyas: This mascot derives from a cheer that the students would say in the late 1800s, “Hoya Saxa,” which means “What Rocks” in Greek (hoya) and Latin (saxa).

Duke Blue Devils: This nickname comes from a French Alpine light infantry battalion of WWI, “Les Diables Bleus.” This mascot was a condition of the university’s acceptance of James B. Duke’s endowment of $40 million.

Manhattan Jaspers: This New York school gets its nickname from Brother Jasper, who was Manhattan’s first baseball coach in the late 1800s. Brother Jasper also created the seventh-inning stretch in Manhattan’s game against the New York Metropolitans in 1880s.


Answers to quiz above

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Test your trivia skills with Achona’s Mascot Madness Quiz