Athletic Director Kevin Vargas shares goals for Academy athletics


Photo Credit: Courtney Vogler

Vargas has been an integral part of Academy Athletics for the past four years.

The Academy of the Holy Names athletic department is very fortunate to have Kevin Vargas, Athletic Director, leading the sports department. Not only does he plan all events relating to sports, but also manages game schedules and all the other small factors that come with the job.

Vargas shares with us his pride about the sports’ life at Academy this year.

“This has truly been a banner year for our AHN athletic program, and I couldn’t be happier for our athletes and our coaches. Witnessing what was accomplished this fall – with each fall sport claiming District championships – and swimming, cross country, and golf claiming region titles on their march to incredible showings at States. This, along with an outstanding winter season where our soccer team had the finest season in school history advancing to Regions for the first time, and our basketball team advancing and competing in Region play; I can only compare it to being a proud parent.”

“I have so much pride in our student athletes in how they compete and represent us in the Bay area and across the state.”

— Kevin Vargas

What is a typical day in the life of being an Athletic Director at the Academy of the Holy Names?

“Planning and more planning… always getting ready for the next game, next athletic season, [and] planning our own tournaments or scheduling.”

In order to keep the athletic department in order, advanced planning is a crucial part of the daily process. Vargas does an excellent job of making sure our athletic department is up-to-date and complicated-free throughout the year.

“We typically schedule four to six months in advance for most of our teams. In order to attempt to stay ahead of the game, you really have to balance focusing in on the current happenings while planning ahead for where we aspire to be.”

In the few years he has been here, Vargas has brought our athletic program to an all-time high. His goal for the girls has always been to carry over all the hard work put into the classroom onto the field, court, and pool.

“Our goal was to mimic the expectations of success that our students and their families seek out within the classrooms of our school.”

In addition to being very well liked by the coaches and staff, he is also revered by students. Junior, Mica Wiley shares with us one thing that she appreciates most about Mr. Vargas. “I really like how he knows everyone’s last name. It shows he really does care about you.”

(UPDATE: As of February 12, 2014, the basketball team defeated Tampa Catholic (55-42) in Region play. They will be playing Dunbar High School in Fort Myers on Friday, February 13 with the winner advancing to the 4A State Tournament.)