Track and Field Districts


Photo Credit: Colleen Doherty

The track team finished their day as District Runner-Up

This past Tuesday, April 14, was Girls Track and Field Districts! A big congratulations to the girls, who finished the long day with a District Runner-Up title! Those who qualified (quite a good amount!) will be traveling to Orlando on Thursday, April 23, to compete in the regional meet. Be sure to wish them luck!!

It was an extremely long day, and some of the girls were there from 10:30 am until 8:30 pm! However, in the end, it was worth it. Let’s break down the results.

Field Events

Long Jump: With 2 girls qualifying for finals in the long jump, Siobhan Lynch, who overall placed 3rd and will be continuing onto regionals, and Lindsay Calka who finished 9th, they gained some points for the team!

High Jump: Both Cecily Curtis and Katherine Hahn placed in the top 8 for High Jump! Good job girls!

Triple Jump: Jazmyne McCloud placed 3rd overall for triple jump, where she will be continuing on to regionals, and Lindsay Calka also placed in the top 8!

Throwing: Claire Leto placed in the top 8 for both of her throws in shot and discus! Way to go Claire!



100 meter dash: Both Gillian Anthony and Sophia Tremonti placed in the top 8 for the 100 meter dash, and will be continuing on to regionals!

200 meter dash: Carmelle Kuizon placed in the top 8 for the 200, along with Morgan Graff and Sophia Tremonti.

400 meter dash: Gillian Anthony will be continuing on to regionals in the 400 meter dash. Sophia Tremonti, Morgan Graff, also made top 8 for the 400! Way to go!

4 by 100 meter relay: The 4 by 100 relay team placed 3rd overall, and will be continuing onto the regional meet.

4 by 400 meter relay: The 4 by 400 relay team placed 2nd overall and will be competing next week at the regional meet! Way to go girls.

photo credit: Colleen Doherty



4 by 800 meter relay: DISTRICT CHAMPS! The 4 by 8 team took first overall!

1 mile: AHN swept 1st (Colleen Doherty) 2nd (Jaime Jurado) and 3rd (Lara Lontoc) in the mile!! They will all be running in Orlando next week.

2 mile: Lucinda Lennie (7th grader!) and Greta Diek (8th grader!) took 1st and 2nd in the 2 mile. Emma Zazzero also placed 4th, and will be going to regionals with them! Jaime Jurado placed in the top 8 as well!

800 meters: Claire Obeck took 2nd overall in the 800 meter relay. Katherine Hahn and Colleen Doherty also placed in the top 8!

Photo Credit: Colleen Doherty
2 mile
Photo Credit: Colleen Doherty



100 meter hurdles: Jazymne McCloud placed 3rd in the 100 meter hurdles, and she will be continuing onto regionals. Siobhan Lynch placed 6th for the 100 meter hurdles.

300 meter hurdles: Siobhan Lynch (3rd) and Jazmyne McCloud (4th) both will be continuing onto regionals!


Congratulations Girls Track and Field!