Fantasy Football has become a widespread new trend amongst AHN students.
Fantasy Football has become a widespread new trend amongst AHN students.
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AHN girls partake in Fantasy Football

With the 2023 National Football League season beginning, many (mostly football fans) have begun drafting players for their Fantasy Football League. Fantasy football is an extremely fun game where you get to be the owner, general manager, and coach of an online football team that is made up of real-life players. Usually, people who participate join a league with their friends and are matched up against a different member of the league each week. All of the people in the league can decide what the winner will receive at the end of the season, or what the loser will have to do as a punishment for getting the least amount of points throughout the season.

Unexpectedly, many AHN girls have hopped on the train and decided to participate in the fun game this year. The girls are enjoying competing against their friends each week. Fantasy football has led to a spike in the number of Academy girls who are discussing football. Allie Herrero (‘26) said, “Fantasy football is such a fun way for my friends and I to get interested in football. I did not watch football that much last year, but since I am in a fantasy football league this year, I have been watching more and more”. 

To play, each member of their league must pick their players for the season in a draft. Every team owner has to agree on a specific time for this to take place. Drafting usually takes about an hour or two, and the order of who drafts first is completely random. Riley Tobon (‘25) is part of a league with her family, and she said, “I was ecstatic when I found out that I got the first pick in my draft. I chose Justin Jefferson, a Wide Receiver on the Minnesota Vikings, who is projected to be the best Fantasy player this year”. If players are ranked higher in the draft, that means they are projected to score more points throughout the season. That is why the order of the draft is so important!

Morgan McPherson(’24) is determined to win week 3 of fantasy football in her league.

In some cases, however, some players who are not ranked very high will end up unexpectedly having amazing turnouts. For example, Devin Murphy (‘24) said, “I was a little hesitant about selecting the Cowboys as my defense so early on in the draft, but it turned out to be my best decision. I did not know much about the NFL, but I have won both of my games against my friends.” The Dallas Cowboys’ defense ended up scoring Devin over thirty points in the first week! One of the reasons why the appeal of Fantasy Football is so big is because of unexpected turnouts.

Another reason for this is because of the rewards and/or punishments that are given to the winner or loser of the league at the end of the season. Sara-beth Grande (‘26) said, “In my league, the loser has to post an embarrassing picture on their Instagram at the end of the season. I really hope that I don’t lose!” Other punishments might include doing something embarrassing in public or wearing a funny outfit somewhere. On the other hand, the winner of the league usually receives money from all of the other players. Members of the league can get creative when they have to decide what the winner and loser receive, which creates lasting memories. Overall, it is exciting that Fantasy football is on the rise in an all-girls high school! 


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