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Nicole Perrella
First year to Achona’s newspaper staff, senior Nikki Perrella. A timid creative girl that once she steps out of her shell and is comfortable with everyone around her is a crazy anime geek. Is talented in archery, softball and loves to draw and write stories. Although this girl’s small shield preventing others from getting to know her is strong many have managed to fight their way through to welcome me into Academy.  I’ve meet many people who in just a short a year I found that I consider them family. Like KeTaira Phillips, Vallie Joseph, Jessica Riddle and the many other girls who are as insane as I am … maybe even more.  But if you asked me my sophomore year who I was. I would have told you I’m nobody; but if you ask me now I will say “Hi I’m Nikki Perrella, and I’m an anime geek who is going to be a forensic anthropologist.

Nicole Perrella, Senior Staff Writer

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Nicole Perrella