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Scientists at MIT conducted an experiment which asked simple questions to smart people. It proved intelligence and rational thinking are not related. Intelligent people tended to say the wrong answer because they make more mental mistakes.

Hallway Questions: Part 2 (Video)

Adriana James-Rodil, Sophomore Staff Writer
April 24, 2019
Simple questions can trick the brain due to its automatic response to be efficient and look for patterns.

Hallway Questions (VIDEO)

Adriana James-Rodil, Sophmore Staff Writer
October 3, 2018
Dwyer has been working at the Academy since 2000, while Keegan has been working at the Academy since 1996.

Behind the Scenes With Guidance: The College Process

Haiqa Mian, Arts and Entertainment Editor
November 9, 2017
Ms. Mangan attended Academy all four years of high school and this is her first year teaching.
Photo credit: Shannon Flaharty/Achona Online

23 Questions with Ms. Mangan

Shannon Flaharty, Senior Staff Writer
April 6, 2017
Fun Fact: Dr. Lauren Oetinger's favorite social media is Pinterest. Photo Credit: Maddie Obregon (used with permission)

20 Questions with Dr.O

Samantha Cano, Junior Staff Writer
March 22, 2017
When asked about his favorite teaching job, David Bland replied,

73 Question’s With Mr. Bland

Sophia Mastro, Senior Staff Writer
October 26, 2016
Mrs. Lori Kearney has been teaching at Academy for nearly a decade. She currently teachers American History to juniors.

28 Questions with Mrs. Lori Kearney

Vanessa Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief
September 16, 2016
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