Bonjour France!


Academy girls huddle for warmth before touring Notre Dame.

Rachelle El-Houayek, Multimedia News

Living in what only seems to be a surreal dream, sixteen Academy girls were able to foster a reality filled with history, art, and culture in their fast-paced tour of France.

Sixteen Academy girls traveling across the Atlantic, to a place known as the “City of Love, ” might not be a parent’s cup of tea. Not to worry though, none found romance. Instead they all can agree that a sisterly bond developed between them as they explored new territory.

From visiting heartbreaking memorials in Normandy to luminescent glamorous attractions such as Versailles and the Eiffel Tower, the girls were able to uncover history of not only the French but of their American ancestors who fought alongside France in World War 2.

Through the help of Miriam, their boisterous tour guide and Academy faculty,  Ms. Maureen Kearney and Ms. Linda Ruescher,  these grateful young women were able to discover their own strength and realize their ability to continue to grow as knowledgeable world travelers.