Missionaries improve and beautify Ruskin facilities


Ruskin missionaries took a breather from their day-long labor and service

Gini Barreda, Staff

Because Mini-Course Week was inadvertently planned on the same week that the chidren who live in Ruskin have their spring break, Academy’s Mission trip to Ruskin was supposed be a little different this year.

Normally, the girls  visit a school throughout the week and have time to spend with the little children there. This year, their job consisted of much more manual labor, such as gardening, painting, and raking.  However, the girls found time to visit the daycare center and play with the children.

As mini-course week closely approached, the girls on the Ruskin Mission Trip hustled to complete everything that must be done before leaving on Sunday, March 11.  The girls had spent morst of the third quarter in preparation with shoe drives, meetings and spiriual prep Masses.

In addition, the Ruskin Mission Trip sleepover took place Thursday night, March 8,  at the home of sophomore Natalie Yob. This evening was a good opportunity for the experienced girls to tell newcomers about past experiences.