SAGE Dining continues popularity with all Jaguars

SAGE Dining continues popularity with all Jaguars

SAGE  Dinning continues to be the place of choice for hungry Jaguars.

The popular  lunch caterer continues to pack in the crowds during both lunch sessions.  The busy staff strives to satiate the hunger of even the pickiest eaters, including Jaguar, who was happy to do an animated promo for the new Academy  lunchspot.

Using the new kitchen that was installed over the summer, SAGE Dining now prepares gourmet lunches, including a Moroccan Chicken Stew Meal, Chicken Pot Pie, Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese, and other mouthwatering entrees.  SAGE’s commitment is to top quality restaurant style fare that is cooked and cut fresh from the kitchen every day.

Students can’t seem to get enough of the flavors that SAGE delivers. Eighth-grade girls, who eat in the first lunch session,  liked the new lunchroom setup, which has a restaurant feel with soda fountains and servers ready to help diners.  Their comments ranged from “Awesome,” and “Love it!” to how the professional server uniforms “make everything look official.”

Deneane Bell, director of SAGE Dining Services, thinks that she and her team of skilled chefs are holding out against AHN’s ferocious hunger. “The team is doing very well, and I am pleased with the excellent turnout during lunch. I am amazed by the endless line of students.”

Although the staff finds the aromas of their lunches hard to resist,  they are not allowed to eat any of the foods, at least until everyone is served. They cook nonstop throughout both the middle school and high school lunch sets. Even after lunch, their work isn’t over. It’s time to clean up and get ready for the next day.

Ms. Bell said that the worst possible kitchen scenario would simply be running out of food. Even broken equipment would be disastrous. With Academy’s insatiable hunger, those two scenerios must be avoided at all costs. Here at AHN, we are all family. And even though the new chefs haven’t been working together long, they already feel their bonds forming. Let’s welcome our new members with open hearts and rumbling stomachs. They will happily satisfy your lunchtime blues!



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SAGE Dining continues popularity with all Jaguars