Senior Retreat sets up a solid bond for busy days ahead

“Senior day of recollection irrevocably bonded me with my sisters.”

“I wish to get into the right college fit for me, and to finish the year strong as a strong person.”

“I wish senior year would go in slow motion so I would have more time with my 69 sisters.”

Such observations by Caroline de Quesada,  Amanda Schifino and Cailin Dunne reflected the diverse needs that the coordinators of Senior Day of Recollection strive to meet each year in early September.

Held each year at the Franciscan Center near downtown Tampa, this year’s Day of Recollection featured lots of time to reflect, pray and share common and different goals for the year ahead. .

The girls heard from Taylor DeMesa, an AHN 2010 graduate, who related accounts of her senior year, gave advice to the seniors, and recalled her favorite memories.  Afterwards, the girls decorated puzzle pieces with magazine cut outs that fit their personality. Piecing the fragments together, the groups formed words, which later formed the statement: “We are the faces of GOD.” The class came together and reflected on what it means to live out that statement.

Rev. Leonard Plazewski, Pastor of Christ the King, took time out of his busy schedule to celebrate the Mass, finishing just in time to make a plane for another commitment.  His homily was relevant to the Academy motto: “to be rather than to seem.” He reminded seniors not to be hypocritical by living their lives once they leave home in opposition to their beliefs and statements. To end the day, seniors received letters from graduates of the previous class. Each girl read her letter and wrote a letter to herself , which she will receive at the senior retreat in March.

On the ride home, seniors knew that this one day of retreat would serve as the solid base of the days ahead, starting with another try at the ACT the following morning, followed by college apps and essays over the weekend.


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Senior Retreat sets up a solid bond for busy days ahead