Father-Daughter Dance celebrates in grand style


The winner of “Foxy Father” and his daughter, Senior Angelina Oliva, share a spotlight dance.

Alexandra Diaz; Tori Litschgi, Section Editor; Co-Editor

On Thursday, October 18, the Halloween-themed Father Daughter Dinner and Dance inspired Academy girls and their fathers to dress up in multiple, fabulous costume pairs.  The majority of the girls and their fathers seized this opportunity to immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit.

Girls and their fathers filled up the Brady Center and shared a delicious meal provided by Catering by the Family. The Gil Machin Band entertained guests with yet another night of music during the dinner and dance.  Many fathers and daughters took advantage of tasteful music and danced the night away alongside friends.

Junior Mikela Mollanazar commented on the night as a whole. “I thought the costume idea made the night more memorable and it will definitely stand out from all of the other years. I am very glad my dad and I went. The entertainment and food made the night fun as a whole.”

Every year, the fathers of the senior girls compete for the “Foxy Father” award. Twenty fathers competed for the title and allowed their daughters to submit a “foxy” photo from their glory days.  After admiring the photos in the foyer, the entire Academy student body voted for their favorites. Mr. Michael Oliva, father of senior Angelina Oliva and junior Alex Oliva, was crowned “Foxy Father” at the dance.  Mr. Oliva and Angelina then shared a dance in their Grease themed outfits. Angelina was extremely happy and proud of her dad.

“I am so happy my dad won! It was awesome being able to dance with him after to celebrate!”

Overall, everyone had a blast and will treasure the memories from the dance.