All Saints Day Mass celebrates saints on earth and in heaven


Alumni Director Mrs. Patty Bohannan welcomed Mr. Kyle O’Connor in celebration of his 50th wedding anniversary.

Christina Gerecke, Senior Section Editor

Academy students and faculty ended last week celebrating with all of the saints in heaven. The All Saints Day Mass on Thursday, November 1,  allowed the students to reflect on those who have died and gone to heaven who now watch over them each day.

AHN President Mr. Arthur Raimo opened the Mass with a welcome and explanation of the significance of honoring all saints.  Along with this celebration, the Academy community commemorated the 50th wedding anniversary of Myles and Hermanda O’Connor. Unfortunately, Mrs. O’Connor could not attend because of health issues, so the Academy community welcomed Mr. O’Connor with joy and admiration of the couple’s faithfulness and lifelong dedication.

Father Steve Ryan from Mary Help of Christian celebrated the Mass. Father Steve used a fun and easy song at the beginning of the homily to wake up the students. After the song, Father taught the whole student body to strive to become saints everyday by exemplifying kindness, honoring Jesus and Mary, not gossiping, and having compassion.

Not only was the Mass another way for the community to come together, it was also a time to glorify the saints, known and unknown and to remember Blessed Marie Rose. Without her leadership and gifts, Academy would not be in existence today.