Tribute to Mrs. Kim Healy Russell, new Athletic Hall of Fame inductee


Mrs.Kim Healy Russell (A’78) shares her happiness over her new award with her three daughters, all Academy graduates.

Christina Gerecke, Senior Section Editor

Kim Healy Russell (A’78) possesses the integrity, dedication, and determination needed for success, which is why the four-time All-American swimmer is this fall’s inductee for the Athletic Hall of Fame. She is the essence of a true scholar-athlete living out the example of “esse quam videri.”

Mrs. Russell’s high school swim coach flew down from St. Louis, Missouri, for the ceremony to attest to Mrs. Russell’s contributions to the AHN community and to her athletic talents. Those qualifications for the Hall of Fame express how special Kim was to her team and is today as an alum and parent.

To achieve the highest level of success, individuals not only climb to the pinnacle of their physical skill level, but also fulfill their mental capacity. It takes a true athlete and person to obtain the genuine qualities that define a person with incredible character.

Academy develops young students, first and foremost, as well as athletes to become empowering women. These women have the ability to face challenges with confidence and courage upon and after graduation.

Mrs. Russell has put three daughters through the Academy, and they all have inherited the humility and responsibility characterized in an Academy graduate. With the lessons she has learned at AHN, Mrs. Russell has blossomed into a strong and intelligent leader in the workplace and in her family. Her legacy is one that will live on through the years because of her swimming accomplishments as well as her reputation of a woman of integrity.